Hello MongoDB

As of August 13th, I am no longer a System Architect at DAC Group. I have a public post on LinkedIn that got some good traction, but to summarize it was time to move on.

I’ve been a software engineer in some capacity or another for nearly 20 years now. The position I’ve taken is as a Technical Services Engineer, which is more of a support role than an active development role.

The decision to make this move wasn’t make lightly. I’ve been working hands on with code or overseeing a team of developers on a day to day basis for most of my professional career. As such, I was also involved with software engineering, and this was no different in my role as a System Architect.

In that role, I was still committing code on a nearly daily basis. If not, I was performing code review, or working on a design for a new system or solution. I would consider this all to still be “hands on”, though I had found myself mired in DevOps work a lot more than I would have liked (there were not sufficient Linux Sysadmins available to assist with the type of server operations oversight that was required).

The role at MongoDB isn’t a traditional “Tech Support” type of role, as it requires a strong knowledge of networking, databases, system design, programming and client services. I’ve been a fan of the MongoDB server for over 8 years now, and have brought it along with me to several new consulting opportunities as well as the full time jobs I’ve help. I believe very strongly in the quality of this product, as well as the peripheral products that they’ve developed.

I think the time has come for a new adventure. This is the first step towards a new career journey with a new company, as opposed to an incremental move upwards within the same professional space.

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