Third Royalty Statement

I’d love to say Christmas came early this year, but it looks like sales of Redmine Plugin Extension and Development didn’t quite hit the numbers needed to actually result in a royalty cheque. Ah well, there’s always Q1 of 2015 :D

I’ve added the latest numbers to those from my previous post in order to show the running total of units sold this year.

 Ebook MiniSubscription Packtlib MiniPrint Book MiniSubscription (3rd Party Mini)

The main reason I’ve been sharing these numbers (without sharing that actual “numbers”) is to show prospective authors what types of returns they can potentially expect.

The book I wrote falls into the “minibook” category, so the returns are lower than a full-on “book” (I think < 100 pages is a minibook), but at this rate, 2015 might result in a non-negative royalty statement that I can share :)

Happy Holidays Everyone!!!

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